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    Roman Serazhiev

    Hi Marcin, thanks for reaching out.


    Currently it's not possible to automatically link to the latest available version. Links in versioned spaces are version-aware and stick to the version a user is viewing. For example, if a user has version 2.0 selected and clicks on a link to another page, he will be redirected to version 2.0 of that page. This is only applicable within the same space.

    We already have an existing feature request to have a panel in the UI that would display that there is a newer version of the page available. Sign up for an account in our Jira to watch and vote for this issue.

    If you have anything to add to this request, feel free to leave a comment in the Jira issue.


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    Henricus Fluthgraf (Edited )

    maybe i´m on the fals way, but why dont you publish the master to another Space in the wiki. This Url can than be used in the versions to Point to Master Version (Published a different Space / public Space)

    Kind regards Henry


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