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    Roman Serazhiev

    Hi Jan-Peter, thanks for reaching out.

    We have a feature request to let users defined content that should not be included in the Translation ZIP and therefore in the translation report: up for an account in our Jira to watch and vote for this issue.

    It's not possible to hide pages from the navigation tree in Viewport, but you can set a fallback so that a user will be redirected to a default language when they click on a page that is not yet translated. how to do it is described here:

    It's not possible to make a page as non-translated after it has been translated. If a page is modified in the default language, the status would be outdated.

    Does this help?


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    J Rusch

    Hi Roman,

    thanks, I voted for the issue as this directly describes our use case.

    I already implemented the workaround.

    Is it possible to delete the translation using the storage format editor in Confluence, e.g. open & edit the page, then opening the storage format editor & delete the content created by the translation macros? Or does this conflict with other Scroll Translations handlings?!?


    Best regards,


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