Sites which contains gliffy or toc fails to export



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    Nils Bier (Edited )

    Hi Kai,

    In the meantime, Atlassian solved the underlying issue (see, so Scroll PDF Exporter should work again even with the Gadgets Plugin activated on Confluence 6.3.2 and later.
    Once you’ve updated to Confluence 6.3.2, please feel free to re-activate the Gadgets Plugin.
    If you still experience issues, please let us know through
    We’ll be happy to help.
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    Nils Bier

    Hi Kai,

    Thanks for reaching out.

    Please try disabling 'Gadgets Plugin' (in the system add-ons section). You can also try disabling just one module of Gadgets Plugin — Gadget Macro Metadata Provider. This should resolve the problem with Runtime Exception being exported instead of the content. 

    The Gadgets Plugin is an add-on developed by Atlassian in order to display JIRA gadgets on Confluence pages. The code that causes the exception is related to gathering statistics for amount of times a certain macro is rendered. And during caching stage this process fails. We are currently trying to reproduce the issue reliably on our local environments to report this to Atlassian so they could resolve a bug.

    It would be great if you could also send us a Confluence Support ZIP to, so we have some further details about your database and general setup of the Confluence instance.

    To create a support ZIP in Confluence, please follow these instructions:


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    Kai Nahrgang

    Hi Nils,

    thanks for your answer. Sadly I don't find any Gadgets Plugin which could be disabled. I had a look in the "Manage add-ons" aswell as in the "External Gadgets" section. Am I looking wrong?




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    Kai Nahrgang

    Hi again,

    I finally found it. Disabling the Gadget Macro Metadata Provider did the trick, thanks for that!


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