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    Nils Bier

    Hi Andrii,

    thanks for contacting us.
    Currently those attachments are not included in the exported file.

    We've already tracked this in our JIRA system: https://k15t.jira.com/browse/EXP-344
    Please sign up at https://k15t.jira.com/secure/Signup!default.jspa to watch, comment on or vote for this issue. We'll then send a notification for every status update.

    Unfortunately there's no workaround available (as we'd need to create a ZIP file containing the attachments instead of a MS Word file). What file type of attachment are we speaking of in your case?

    Would it be possible to somehow put the attachment to the Confluence page itself (e.g. if it's a png or jpg file), or make a screenshot and put that on the actual Confleunce page content (maybe wrapped in a Scroll Only Macro, so it's only displayed in the exported file)?


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    Permanently deleted user

    Hello Nils.

    Thank you for the clarifications.

    We need to attach Word/Excel files to the page (as additional information) and then have it embedded in the Doc file exported from the page.

    As I can see, that is not available at the moment.

    Thank you

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