Most compatible diagramming plug-in with Scroll product



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    Nils Bier

    Hi William,

    Thanks for reaching out. In general both add-ons have the same limitations: If you have links within your diagram pointing to your authoring space, those links will not be redirected to the published space (see Unfortunately there's currently not much we can do about that, as we'd need to transform the links within the diagram files.

    Additionally we have a known issue with displaying 404 pages in certain scenarios, which is tracked here:

    I'd suggest to install both add-ons using a free evaluation license and play around a bit with your specific use case (as said above the limitation with links occurs in both add-ons unfortunately).

    We internally prefer, as it works better with page revisions (e.g. Gliffy diagrams still show the previous version of the diagram if you roll back in the Confluence page history to a previous page revision).




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    Roy Lu

    Hi Nils,

    I have a question on Scroll Versions' integration with too. I see this issue about Gliffy be published to a remote system: Is there a similar issue with too? Or maybe it is already fixed for 


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    Roman Serazhiev

    Hi Roy.

    I have tested the behaviour with and it currently works the same way as Gliffy. Scroll Versions doesn’t publish .png image of the diagram, but rather the macro.

    I have edited the Jira issue to reflect this.


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