Unusual Body Formatting and TOC Numbering



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    Nils Bier

    Hi Lee,

    Thanks for your feedback.

    Would it be possible to send us your PDF template via support@k15t.com, so we can have a closer look at your settings, and further investigate the margin problem?

    Regarding the TOC problem, I assume you're using the numbered heading macro to number your headings? We have an open improvement request to disable the TOC numbering in this case (see https://k15t.jira.com/browse/EXP-1275). We'll be implementing this in an upcoming version.

    Please sign up at https://k15t.jira.com/secure/Signup!default.jspa to watch, comment on or vote for this issue. We'll then send a notification for every status update.

    If there's any additional feedback regarding the new template editor, please let us know.


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    Lee Wiggins

    Hi Nils,

    Thanks for your reply, email sent with the export and I have subscribed to the Jira request.

    Thanks again


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