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    Roman Serazhiev

    Hi Tom,

    Do I understand correctly that you would like to have better visual representation of the search results in HTML exports? Could you please clarify your requirements for the search page? Would you like to see a snippet of the found page with the search results appearing right on the page?


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    Tom Antjon

    Hi Roman,

    so we are currently using the HTML Export in a Mobile Application where a WebView visualises an exported space from confluence which represents a book.

    If a user makes use of the current search to look for a term in the book, he gets as a result on which page the search term is present. However if he navigates to that page, he still has to search manually where that search term is located on that page.

    It would be useful for the user to navigate to that page and to the exact sentence where the search term was found.

    Hope this makes my use case a bit more clear.


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