Multiple published versions in a single space.



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    Nils Bier

    Hi Omar,

    Thanks for reaching out.

    Yes, if you'd like to have multiple published versions available for your readers in a single space, you would need to use Scroll Viewport in combination with Scroll Versions.

    As you already have noticed, Atlassian is using the same approach for their docs on - they're publishing each version into a separate space and link to those spaces using Scroll Viewport.

    We've documented how they implemented this in our Scroll Viewport docs, please feel free to check out the page here for further information:

    Alternatively you could also use the built-in Scroll Versions integration coming with Scroll Viewport. Using this approach instead of publishing versions with Scroll Versions, you'd just mark them to be available in the Viewport view.
    We're doing so ourselves for our own documentation (e.g.

    I hope that information helps. Please let me know if you have any further questions. I'll be happy to help.


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    Omar Alami

    Thanks for the help, exactly what I wanted to know.

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    Nigel Whitaker (Edited )

    Also considering these two models so it seems appropriate to add here rather than create a new thread.

    If we use the 'public master' model where verisons and viewport are integrated then is the publish to same space process useful?   I'm wondering how people use it in a product release workflow...  If you are ready to release 2.0 for example, do you then click on 'show in viewport' against the new 2.0 version.  Would you then create a 2.1 version which is hidden in viewport so that edits don't immediately go live?    If users are not careful and don't have version 2.1 selected and make edits to a page or create a new page then its immediately visible and public as the edit is made.  I cannot see a way of imposing the draft-review-complete workflow in this model.

    I've voted for VSN-2850 and tested the code referenced from the comment which changes what 'latest' does, but that's only a minor improvement.

    As I see it, if we want the idea of a publish model and use workflow then the private master publishing to a new space for each version (as Atlassian do) fits this better, but we'd have to do more work to develop the viewport as covered in:

    Is my understanding right?   Another reason for posting a comment here is to see if other users have developed workflows (either in code or by convention) that they use on top of the 'single public master' model.



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    Bernd Schneider

    We also tried to use Scroll Viewport for publishing versions to the customer. But although I marked version as hidden from the viewport, it shows up in the version picker. It shows up even for a version which is hidden in Scroll Versions. This seems to be a bug?!

    Apart from this we are using variants to separate customer docu from internal docu. But currently there is no way to hide variants from the viewport. I noticed that there is a feature request going on for this:

    This is an very important use case for us.


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    Roman Serazhiev

    Hi Bernd,

    when you see the version you have hidden from Viewport, are you logged as a user that can see them (Author, Reviewer, Doc-admin)? If yes, try to access the space as a Reader or anonymous user.

    Does this help?


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