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    Nils Bier

    Hi Guy,

    Thanks for reaching out. Unfortunately the described behavior is a known limitation of our current Scroll PDF Exporter infrastructure, as divs and spans are not supported with the current version.

    This limitation is tracked in our JIRA system: (looks like you're already watching the issue).

    As you might know we're currently working on moving our Scroll PDF Exporter to a new library and also make some major changes in the overall architecture.
    Until this change has happened (we currently plan to release this in Q3 2017), this issue won't be fixed. With the new version planned for Q3 we'll be supporting div and span elements in Scroll PDF Exporters.

    So those changes will still need some more time (no specific ETA), so for now you'd need to live with this limitation.

    If there's any workaround we'll communicate it as a comment at the mentioned issue, but we do not expect to have anything in place before the actual Scroll PDF Exporter 4.0 release in Q3.

    Thanks for your patience and sorry for the inconveniences. If there's any more feedback, please let us know.


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