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    Roman Serazhiev

    Hi Dominik,

    You can use Scroll Title macro to add captions to images and tables, and it will auto count them. So, placing two Scroll Title macros each with an image, would render "Figure 1. Image name" and "Figure 1. Some other image name".

    To reference a link to an image, you can simply add an anchor before an image inside the Scroll Title macro. When clicking on a link that leads to this anchor, a user is being shown that image in the exported Word file.

    Does this help?


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    Dominik Jahn

    Hello Roman,


    Unfortunately this type of reference wouldn't work so well if the document is printed, where something like "see Figure 17" is the only way to go.

    Now there's two options for us:

    • Use the Scroll Title macro and type the reference in the text by hand
    • Don't use the Scroll Title macro and type the caption AND the text reference by hand

    The first option has the major disadvantage that if we add an image or table to the document and we forget to update the text references, a user would look for "Figure 17", which by now is actually figure 18.

    Doing both the caption and reference manually has the disadvantage that we might forget to update a caption after inserting an image, but at least the caption and text reference would both still refer to figure 17, even though by then we have two figure 17.

    The best way of course would be if the Scroll Macro would allow such a text reference automatically so we wouldn't have to worry about wrong references.

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    I don't know if you can get access to this other item in K15t, but I've solved the problem of caption references with a Word macro.

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