Scroll Viewport, Scroll Versions and Comala Workflow Plugin(s) - Working?



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    Roman Serazhiev

    Hi Nina,

    Thanks for your question.

    Unfortunately, Viewport would still display the draft content even though a user has published only Completed pages. The public view would correctly display the "Approved" content, while Viewport would display the last edited one. 

    We are tracking Comala support for Viewport here: Please sign up at!default.jspa to watch, comment on or vote for this issue. We'll then send a notification for every status update.



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    Dan Taube


    I thought I would share our solution to this problem as Workflows and Viewport users. We had an additional requirement that might also be of interest when thinking about this level of control.

    Okay, so we wanted a primary "authoring" space that was for draft and private content. Then, by way of a workflow, publish it. However, depending on the type of content, we wanted different branding and styling (Viewports).

    This led us to the remote publishing add-on for Workflows. It is primarily for pushing content to other Confluence installs, but you can also point it to the main install. With that, you can move content from one space (authoring/private) to several others (public).

    Wrapping this all up, with the use of different spaces, you can have Viewports for each one!


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    Nils Bier

    Hi Dan,

    Thanks for sharing your approach here - the same can be achieved using Scroll Versions: Scroll Versions has an integration with Comala Workflows, where you can control to only publish pages in the final state (see Compatibility with Comala Versions), so you have full control to only make approved pages available.

    After publishing the approved pages to a separate space, you can then activate Scroll Viewport on this public space, to display it in your corporate style to your readers.
    So you also split up your authoring from your readers space, but have full control on which pages should be shown to your readers.



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