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    K15t Support Team

    Hi Ulf,

    sorry for the late reply. We somehow didn't get notified of your request.

    This will be new in Scroll Wiki Publisher:

    • Scroll Wiki Publisher will be based on the new Scroll core which has been developed with Scroll Office. This will bring better performance mostly due to chunked processing and avoiding XSLT anymore (see next point).
    • Scroll Wiki Publisher will not use XSLT transformation and hence no DocBook-based stylesheets. However, for existing customers we will provide this functionality as an extension to Scroll (which can be installed as a Confluence plugin basically).
    • Instead Scroll Wiki Publisher will use another PDF library to convert from HTML to PDF, which will allow for better PDF customization.
    • Also there will be support for extension points such as preprocessors for example to replace thumbnails with the high-res image or better select the pages to be exported, etc.


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